Discover the Jewel of the Crown of the Brazilian coast

The oldest village in Brazil is situated 60 kilometers south of Porto Seguro, on the left bank of the Caraiva River. Around here the streets are sandy and there is electricity only in homes and commercial establishments. There are no street poles because our wiring is 100% underground.

Caraiva is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Caraiva River and the National Park of Monte Pascoal, which makes it practically an island.

With its sandy streets filled with fruit trees, Caraiva was also awarded by nature with the sunrise and moon in the sea, and the sunset and the moon on the river's edge, unforgettable spectacles. On new moon nights it is possible to admire rains of falling stars and the via lactéa to the naked eye.

Some tips for those who come to Caraiva:

Produce little trash

  • Give preference to biodegradable products
  • Take back everything you can, including empty containers
  • Do not throw anything on the floor. Are you a smoker? Prepare you cigarette butts case

Save Water

  • Caraiva is all supplied by wells of the river beds
  • Our sewage system is from septic tanks

Use repelent

  • If you see any puddle of water, undo it.

Save Energy

  • Stay away from eletronic devices
  • Hair dryer and haircuts overload Caraiva energy generation
  • Voltage - 220 volts

Use Cash

  • The nearest bank is a cart, a canoe and at least 1:30 hours away
  • If there is a power cut, it will not be possible to use credit and debit cards

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